* Navigation on the Beni River in motorized canoe

* Visit our Tacana community San Miguel

*Excursion to the spectacular San Miguel Canyon

* Walk along the "path of the traps" and the "path of medicinal plants"

* Excursion with bathroom to the natural pool with crystal clear water and small cascade (optional)

- Departure from our office in San Miguel del Bala at 8:00 a.m. transfer in motorized river boat from the port of The river Beni Rurrenabaque going along approx. 45 minutes to the ecolodge of community of San Miguel.

(In case you arrive to Rurrenabaque on airplain on the same day that your tour starts we'll wait and pick you up at the airport to take you directly to our office where we begin our tour).

- Walking along the Tacana San Miguel community showing daily life through activities developed to give an impression customs and traditions of our people. Learn to Knit with materials from the forest and squeeze a delicious canned juice using the "trapiche", an ancestral squeezer.

- Return to the eco-lodge at noon for lunch and short break.

-(14: 00h) we'll go with your guide that will take you back in time walking across the jungle demonstrating ancient methods of capturing wild animals from Tacana. Learn how the Tacana people could have caught their prey with their unique and interesting traps that helped catch their food.

- Returning to the path out again to explore a canyon 150 meters long, a place of particular natural beauty, The canyon also can be reached going down the Beni river on boat in about 15 minutes and then enter the jungle walking approx. 20 minutes. Leaving the canyon a boat awaits you on the way back to the lodge where you will take your dinner before resting in your private cabin.




*Navigation on the Beni River and Tuichi at eco-lodge "Caquiahuara" within the Madidi National Park

* Day and night walk through the Madidi jungle in search of wild animals

-Your day begins with songs of tropical birds and early breakfast (7: 00a.m) and then pack things up and follow their boat trip. Going up the Beni River you enter the National Park Madidi where our second eco-lodge "Caquiahuara" along the Tuichi river, after a fluvial trip of approx. 2 1/2 hours. During the sail you will enjoy the beautiful landscape and possibly see wildlife.

- Once in "Caquiahuara" you unpack your things in your cabin and then explore the place and enjoy the short walk through the forest in the around the lodge.

- Return to the eco-lodge "Caquiahuara" where there will be lunch followed by a short break.

- In the afternoon you will go on tracking which is spread to the deep Madidi National Park in search of wild animals such as different species of monkeys, wild pigs, reptiles and countless species bird. Your guide will share his knowledge of flora and fauna during your ride.

-Back at the eco-lodge enjoy your last dinner at the jungle. In your night stroll You can see alligators on the bank of the river and possibly species of nocturnal animals such as night monkey, tapirs, deer and armadillos. Then return to the eco-lodge to rest.




* Excursion to "Parabal" place nesting red-blue macaws

* Excursion on a boat to go fishing

* navigation on a boat returning to Rurrenabaque


- On the third day you will wake up early (6:00) to exit before breakfast, to see the beautiful macaws in their natural habitat. After a short boat ride you will walk for about 20 minutes jungle to reach the "Parabal" a rocky wall of approx. 30 meters high where the red blue aras live. A climbing to the top the "Parabal" offers a unique view of the Madidi Park.

- We return to eat breakfast and then we will make a boat excursion across the Tuichi river for sport fishing. After the success you can enjoy a typical Tacana style delicious fish dish served with bamboo and leaves for lunch.

-After lunch (14:00) in "Caquiahuara" We will pack the bags to return to Rurrenabaque going down to Tuichi and Beni rivers boat approx. 1 1/2 hour. We will reach Rurrenabaque approx. to 17:00.


San Miguel Del Bala

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