Pampas Tour

Day 1


Our 3-day pampas tour departs from our Rurrenabaque office by 9:00 in the morning.  You travel by air-conditioned 4x4 to Santa Rosa del Yacuma, about 2.5 hours away.  From Santa Rosa, our ecolodge is a short 15-minute boat ride up the Yacuma river.  You arrive at our lodge by early afternoon-- just in time for a refreshing juice and brief siesta.


You spend the first day traveling by boat through the labyrinthine network of tributaries that criss-cross this region of the pampas.  Along the way, your guide helps you spot the variety of wildlife for which the Bolivian pampas are famous.  You are sure to spot caimans and alligators, monkeys, countless birds, and everybody's favorite: pink dolphins.  You return to the ecocamp as the sun sets--a spectacular sight over the flat pampas.


Day 2


The next morning you set off with your guide on a hike along the old Santa Rosa-San Borja road, a narrow path that is raised about a meter above the marshy flats of the pampas.  The old road used to be the only path connecting these two small towns, but it was replaced years ago with a larger road and has since become impassible by automobile.  The dirt road is ideal for spotting wildlife... caimans and anacondas stretch out in the sun; aquatic birds circle above you in search of food.


After dinner, you can jump back on your boat and set off to find the pampas's nocturnal wildlife.  Caimans, wild cats, and other nighttime predators have a special membrane over their eyes that help them see at night.  You'll easily spot these predators as they stalk along the riverbank because their eyes glow red in your flashlight.


Day 3


You can wake up before dawn to watch the sun break the horizon.  The rising sun casts a red hue across the pampas, creating a rich, beautiful landscape you're sure to remember.  After breakfast, set off on horseback to see what you can find on the flat expanse of the pampas. Monkeys make their homes in the islands of forest that dot the landscape.  You may see capuchin, squirrel and howler monkeys.  Keep an eye open for a three-toed sloths collecting leaves in the branches above you.


You return to the ecolodge in time for a lunch and a siesta in the midday heat, before making the return journey back to Rurrenabaque.

San Miguel Del Bala

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