Responsible Tourism


We, the staff of San Miguel del Bala Lodge, a community owned and operated tour company, are proud to adopt and promote the following responsible tourism policies in an effort to operate and grow our lodge in a way that protects the natural and cultural resources of Madidi National Park…


1.By employing 100% local people in sustainable tourism, reducing their dependency on hunting, over fishing, and other extractive activities.

2.By developing locally managed projects that address conservation threats in Madidi National Park and surrounding areas.

3.By dedicating a portion of our gross annual sales to support local conservation projects.

4.By training our nature guides to help monitor & enforce park regulations.

5.By using all-natural, local building materials for rest stops and dining areas.

6.By keeping tour groups to 12 people or less, reducing potential environmental impacts and wildlife harassment.

7.By managing our water/solid waste in an environmentally responsible manner.

8.By working to establish ecotourism “special use” zones inside Madidi National Park that help to protect critical wildlife habitat.

9.By increasing the international awareness of the biological importance of the Madidi National Park with our clients.

By supporting Local Travel through our partnership with the Local Travel Movement.

San Miguel Del Bala

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