Do not pick plants or take any natural items, especially in protected parks and reserves. Leave only footsteps, take only photographs.

Although our staff and the local community members would likely be pleased to allow you to photograph them, as a courtesy, ask permission first.

Although you may barter some with souvenir vendors, please be respectful and remember that they are trying to make a living.

Purchase locally made goods when possible rather than imported items.

Attempt to learn a few simple phrases in Spanish to communicate with local residents that you encounter.

Be mindful of any additional advice your tour guide gives you about environmental or cultural guidelines to follow.

Stay on marked hiking trails to avoid damage or erosion.

Responsable Travel Tips


We are proud to be a sustainable tourism provider. As such, we encourage guests to abide by some simple guidelines:






Please do not litter.

Never attempt to feed wildlife.

Avoid being loud so wildlife is not disturbed and so others can enjoy the natural setting.

San Miguel Del Bala

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