At San Miguel del Bala we want to make your stay as comfortable as possible, while enjoying all the wonders of the Bolivian Amazon. It is for that reason that we have built two lodges: San Miguel del Bala Lodge and Caquiahuara Lodge. These two ecolodges give our guests the opportunity to stay alongside the Tacana community for a cultural experience as well as offering an amazing adventure inside Madidi National Park (Caquiahuara is only offered on itineraries that stay for 3 days or more). Regardless of the tour you decide to take, San Miguel del Bala is proud to offer our clients the following services.

Lodge Features:

Solar powered lighting in both lodges

All meals prepared from locally grown produce and cooked with love by our specially trained chefs from the community of San Miguel

Free coffee and tea at all times

A native guide from the community will accompany you on all your activities.

Comfortable motorized river canoes with roofs and cushioned seats.

Amazing cutltural exchange with the Tacana Community.

Natural pool and waterfall for hot days when you need a swim.

12 trails that allow our clients to really explore the biodiversity and culture of the Bolivian Amazon.

Macaw observation deck.

San Miguel Del Bala

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